CPD Programme 2021/22

The programme invites colleagues from across the school and college communities to undertake training and development with the Diocese of Westminster.

Governors are welcome to attend any of the courses which may be of interest.

"It has been said that we live in a knowledge based society. However Catholic schools are encouraged to promote a wisdom-based society, to go beyond knowledge and educate people to think, evaluating facts in the light of values"

"To accompany a young person means knowing how to identify the "wells" of today; all of those places and moments, those provocations and expectations, where, sooner or later, all young people must pass with their empty jars, with their unspoken questions, with their deep-seated desire for authenticity and the future"

In Verbo Tuo

“If our schools are not a space where another humanity is being created, where another wisdom is taking root, where another society is being created, where hope and transcendence have a place, then we are losing out on making a unique contribution to this historical moment“

Pope Francis

For Continuous Professional Development

Courses and Conferences for Improvement

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The email address to enquire about anything to do with courses and training is and the key contact is Linette Blackmore, our Events and Marketing Coordinator.


Protecting your data:

What information are we gathering?

To coordinate our events we require your name, role, school contact details, and any dietary requirements you have.

How will we use this information?

This information will be used to coordinate the event and to update our internal database for future communications with you. This data will not be shared outside the Diocese of Westminster.

How long will we keep your data? Any dietary information will be held only for the event and then deleted. Your name, role and school contact details will be kept whilst you are in employment at the school or until notified otherwise.

You can contact us at any time to have your personal details updated or removed.

Please visit the Diocese of Westminster website for the most up to date privacy notice at